Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old Memories!

My teacher  Richard Keyes, for who I am working as a Teacher Assistant on the class Story in a Picture, asked me once "how many possibilities a page of a comic can have" And my answer was "infinite, just depends on the story you want to tell". So he asked me to do a demo to the class, and I used the board, but after he encouraged me to "clean" the pages and asked me permission to add them to his talk at Motivarti, for the same class he is giving "Story in a Picture".  I made of that idea my project for Graphic novel where I present different ways to tell the same one page story.

I started with the classic: Landscape introduction. Action shoot, and close up. It totally could be a storyboard too.

Reaction to Action equal feeling. Changing the order of the panels we got the same story but a different version, now we care more about the character.

Now we have Consequence to Cause to feeling. She feels lonely  and sad ( and she is alone on the background) because she got a sad letter.

 Now gets complicated: we have introduction, subject: she have a letter, she opens the letter (Is about the letter this time, we have to know that who wrote it was meaningful for her), she is sad, and you the conclusion, bad news on the letter.

Now the important is the time. She is alone, feels lonely and hopeless. she opens the letter, action to action (repetition to make clear she spends a loot of time crying, she is very sad), the letter, and time passes by, sunset is almost gone.

Now we focus on her emotions, she is lonely, close up of her face reading, what is she reading, action reaction to the bad news, and letter flying away as a methaphore that is nothing to do.

This is focus on how to introduce a next scene, or a new color. I choose Orange because goes with the lonely and quiet feeling I wanted to give to the story. She is reading on a background going orange to light purple. She cries, she reads, and she is so sad that night comes by and she din't even noticed. we go orange to purple. And Blue remains for the letter. Special objects need special colors.

Thanks!!! I hope it will be useful!!


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