Thursday, October 15, 2015

Notes from Class!


Long time without posting! Today that I am having a bit of time I am going to post some Notes I give in class. The reason is so I keep track of notes but also I can share and maybe help more people.

A bit about that! Since September I am currently a faculty member of Woodbury University in Burbank. I am part of the Animation Department and I teach Visual Development to Juniors and Art Direction to Seniors. Yay! Helping them with their personal projects for their portfolio or films.

This are just my notes and draw overs on the subject of the student, but my own take  (Looks different than the student work, also is a different concept but on a similar subject). I always encourage students to use my notes as a learning examples and encourage them to do their own version (need to look different than mine! and they can not use my concept, just is to have an example). I thought to take out the student's work for professional reasons, but I still keep my notes and drawings! Hopefully it's helpful!

This one was about creating an awkward teen that goes to plastic surgery.

This one was more for color and value problems.

This one was a pass on details.

This was more about defining a layout and color keys.

I hope it helps!

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