Sunday, January 29, 2012

Secret Self Portrait :)

Long time (again..!!) without posting..!!! sorryyy!! It's been really Busy time for me..!!! I know I had to post all my final paintings but.. ouch.. skaning takes forever.. so well eventually I will do it!
By the way this is a  illustration of my self! :) The goal this time was doing a portrait explaining something "secretive" of me..! so guess what I explained: That i freak out with people that don't answer text messages hahahaha! it was so funny to work with it, and people that knows me in person uses to say that is really like me :) So  I guess I am like that then :)

Hopping you like it!!



Ya se que prometi actualizar.. y poner los trabajos finales.. pero es que escanearlos es un palo...  Así que bueno.. ya lo haré un día de estos.. cuando vaya menos estresada!
En fin! Aquí tenéis una ilustración mia jajaja El objetivo esta vez era hacer un autorretrato explicando algún tipo de "secreto". Así que el mío era: que me pongo histérica cuando no me contestan los mensajes al movil jajaja! Ha sido muy gracioso realizar la ilustración, y la gente que me conoce en persona dicen que me he clavado.. jaja así que supongo que seré así!

Espero que os guste!

Nos vemos pronto!


Claudio Cerri said...

I love your colors! interesting work!

KATia Grifols said...

Heyy thanks a lot!!! :)

cartu said...

s mol xulu :) !!!
(spero q tot b, aprofito x nviarte una abraçada :D )

GiuliA said...

this is so lovely *-* you have a beautiful taste for colors!