Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out of my confrort zone!


I recently got a challenging assignment that was really fun! Was  about designing a bulletin board for an online game about  creating an amusement park. As a concept for the theme park is an "Enchanted Land", where the rides and people working there are inspired by classic folklore  such as fairies, vampires, and  mermaids. Where everything is magical and mysterious, but very fun.  Following this concept, I designed the myth of the "Piggycorn" as a mascot. He is a little piglet with a horn. A mystical creature that brings you good luck and happiness. Piggycorn loves to dress up as the themes of the rides, so the guests in the park can collect different  Piggycorn souvenirs. There could be infinite possibilities for Piggycorn because he loves to play and change, making some of the costumes and colors rare and more valuable.

I tried to capture the esthetics of currently online games that we can play on facebook or download for the iphone.
Was a very fun experience!


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